Relax and unwind in our unique and dedicated pedicure area, with a foot spa included in every foot treatment. For our more advanced foot treatments we have an on-site, fully qualified and insured foot care practitioner. 

Our products include The Gel Bottle Inc., Bio Sculpture, OPI and LAQUISH gel polish, which has anti-fungal properties to help promote healthy nails and lasts up to four weeks. 



The Gel Bottle Inc. Pedicure

£30 Senior Therapist

£27 Graduate Therapist

A cruelty-free/vegan product, this is a luxury gel system formulated to keep the natural nail healthy. The Gel Bottle is a non-chip treatment, suitable for any nail types or conditions, and lasts three-plus weeks. Includes cuticle reduction, file and shape.

Nail Polish Pedicure

£20 Senior Therapist

£17 Graduate Therapist

Includes cuticle reduction, file and shape 


Luxury Pedicure - additional £10

With the addition of a foot soak, exfoliation, mask and massage


Complete Foot Health Treatment

A relaxing and beneficial full-foot health treatment with the added benefit of a herbal foot soak and massage. Treatment includes nail trimming, cuticle reduction, callus reduction (including severe callus), corn removal and 'target' treatment  if needed. 

1 hour £40

Add OPI polish £52

with Gel £62


Foot Health ‘Target' Treatment £22

An express treatment targeting one specific area of concern.

30-minute appointment including expert home-care advice focusing on corn removal; fungal nail treatment; ingrowing nails or verruca. 


Toenail Reconstruction £25

Replace missing, fungal or damaged toenails, improving the overall appearance of your foot. An anti-fungal resin is used directly on to your nail bed or placed on top of the existing or damaged nail to create a natural-looking toenail. Topical anti-fungal preparations may continue to be used with toe nail reconstruction. Unlike some gels or acrylics, reconstructed nails will not damage the natural nail as it re-grows.