HD Brows differ to many other brow treatments as we don't believe in a 'one shape fits all'. Brows are as individual as fingerprints, so each step of the HD Brows treatment is completely bespoke, from the consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process.

As one of the only Master Stylists in Worcester and Malvern, Carrie is qualified to the highest level within High Definition training. Meaning with advanced training, Carrie can lighten and create ombre brows, an advanced technique. Tailored exclusively using your face shape, bone structure and colouring to perfect your brow. Lasts 4-6 weeks. 


Treatments include: 

High Definition Brows

£30 Carrie

£25 Senior Therapist


Other Brow Treatments

Tint, Wax & Thread

Senior Therapist £20

Graduate Therapist £18


Senior Therapist £10

Graduate Therapist £8

Wax & Thread

Senior Therapist £14

Graduate Therapist £12

Brow Tint

Senior Therapist £10

Graduate Therapist £8