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Monday, November 4, 2019

“The relief and delight at a great wax putting me at ease, especially for those hard to reach areas! Bring on the holiday bikini now.” S.Salter

It’s often the treatment you dread - and can bring on those sweats and palpitations. We always say: “Why do we put ourselves through this?”

Well at The Sanctuary, that worry is a thing of the past.

We are a Waxperts stockist, which means we use only the best waxing products to give you excellent results with the very minimum of discomfort.

For intimate waxing, we use hot wax; a wax that is applied, dries and then pulled directly off the skin. Hot wax is a superior wax for bikini waxing as it pulls on the skin less which in turn hurts less. Thank goodness for that! Hot wax also helps prevent bruising and those pesky ingrowing hairs - however we do have a product for that too.

Strip wax is used for larger areas such as legs, chest and back. Strip wax requires cloth or paper strips to remove it from the skin. It has acquired a bad name for itself over the years and people often associate it with pain and bruising - but with Waxperts wax, this is no longer the case. Our wax is applied thinly, which creates less pull and again reduces the risk of damage to the skin.  

Jessie is fully trained in all waxing including intimate waxing. She’s seen it all and isn’t phased by anything.

What is an intimate wax?

This gives a super-smooth finish to the bikini area, where ALL the hair is removed  - unless you’re wanting a Brazilian of course.  

When we say ALL the hair, we really do mean all the hair. So to put this nicely, this includes the bum, under carriage and the top of your down-below region.

To get to all of the above areas, you will have to take off your underwear. But don’t worry: Jessie has been doing this for a long time and will put you at ease so much you’ll forget what she’s doing in a few short minutes. All she is looking at is hair direction and really doesn’t care what your lady bits look like; she doesn’t even notice!

There are different shape options when it comes to an intimate wax, as you can see from the image below.

All of the shapes take the same amount of time, so you can choose your desired styles at the time of the appointment and change your mind as we go along.

An intimate wax takes anything between 15 and 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Not as much as you think! The worst bit is the apprehension. Jessie waxes in a way that greatly minimises the discomfort. The feeling lasts for barely a second.

If an intimate wax still isn’t for you, we also offer basic bikini waxing too and of course, include all of your general maintenance such as leg waxing etc.

Here at The Sanctuary, we pride ourselves on being totally hygienic and efficient with our waxing and have a no double dipping rule at all times. And if a client requires a patch test and chat before an appointment, we are always happy to do that too.

General information

  • Hair needs to be no less than the length of a grain of rice for optimum results.
  • If you haven’t been waxed before, we do advise that it can take three or more waxing appointments before you feel smoother for longer. This is because hair needs to be removed at the perfect stage of growth and this can take a bit of time to train all the hair.
  • You are welcome to moisturise in the morning before your appointment, but avoid anything too oily or emulsifying.
  • Waxing is not recommended before going out into the sun or using a sunbed for at least 24hrs. The same goes with having hot baths and using saunas etc.

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