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Top 10 questions we get asked about lash extensions.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Top 10 questions we get asked about lash extensions.


What are lash extensions?

Using an adhesive that is safe to use around the eye, a synthetic lash is applied to each or every other individual natural lash. The result is longer and thicker lashes.

Am I too old for extensions?

Not at all! Lash extensions can actually take years off you. They accentuate the eye and add depth that you wouldn't be able to get from mascara. As we get older our lashes become finer and sparse, so lash extensions could be the answer.

You can also choose how long your lashes are and the end result you are after. If you would like a more natural finish then less lashes could be added, as well as if you require a fuller look, rather than a longer lash, then you could choose that too.  

How is it different from LVL?

LVL is a treatment where the natural lash is lifted and tinted. It is a similar process to a perm but, instead, the lashes are lifted and not curled. You leave with your natural lashes as they were, just lifted and darker.


Do they damage your natural lash?

If applied correctly and properly, lash extensions are safe and do not damage your natural lashes. It is important that you do not pick or pull at your lashes, nor rub the eye, as this can speed up loss of lashes and potentially damage the natural lash.

If and when you decide to have a break from lash extensions, we advise having a one off LVL treatment so the difference isn't so startling. A LVL also lifts any lashes that perhaps have flattened slightly with the weight of the synthetic lash and mascara (if used).

What do I need to do before my appointment?

You would come in for your appointment with no make-up on the lashes, avoid waterproof mascara 48hours before. You would also need to avoid using products with oils in, around the eye area, in the lead up to your appointment.

If you wear contacts, don't wear them to your appointment. Bring your glasses for after too.


How much do extensions cost?

A full set is £65, then dependent on when you comeback for maintenance will depend on price.

45 minute maintenance £40

1hr maintenance £50

1hr 15min maintenance £55


What is maintenance?

Often referred to as an infill. You would come in after a set amount of time and have any loose lashes removed and new ones put on where you have gaps.


How often should I have maintenance?

This is completely down to how you look after your lashes and where you are in the lash growth cycle. Natural lashes fall out all the time, due to the growth cycle. So sometimes you may find your lashes last longer than other times, dependant on where in the cycle your lash was when the synthetic lash was applied. We offer maintenance appointments based on the time it will take to replace the lashes you have lost.

-A 45 minute maintenance is roughly a 2 week maintenance and would be perfect if approx 75% of your lash extensions were remaining.

-A 1hr appointment is roughly a 3 week appointment and would be for when you have approx 50% of your lashes are remaining.

-A 1hr 15min appointment is approximately a 4 week maintenance where 25% of your lash extensions are remaining.


 Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

You can, although we wouldn't recommend it. You shouldn't feel the need to as the lash extension will give you the depth you desire.

If you do choose to wear mascara, we recommend Nouveau Enhance Mascara (purchasable in salon). It's specially formulated to wear with lash extensions and is easily removed with water. Other mascaras can contain oils that will make your lashes fall out quicker. It's also important to bear in mind that adding extra weight of mascara could potentially cause for you to need a maintenance sooner.

How do I look after my lash extensions?

You should avoid using products around the eye area that contain oil. A good oil-free foaming cleanser would be best. We recommend using a eyeshadow brush to cleanse the lashes instead of cotton wool.

If you choose to wear mascara, avoid waterproof and anything with added oils. We recommend using Nouveau Enhance Mascara which is water soluble and is specially designed to be used with extensions. You can purchase this mascara in salon or on our online shop.

Do not pick or pull at your lashes, this will not only pull out your extension but also damage your natural lash.

Comb your lashes with a disposable or preferably a reusable mascara wand, twice a day to keep them looking their best. This will also help to remove any debris or dust that has collected on them.

Avoid steam, water and excessive exercise for 48hours after application. This will allow the adhesive to fully set.



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