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Tips on how to improve your mood

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Who would have thought staying at home, with nowhere to be could be so mentally draining! I always believed that life went by so quickly because we were always rushing around, but now I feel it's going quicker than ever - but also feeling we're frozen in this weird never-ending time loop all at the same time.

I don't know about you but some days I really can't see a light at the end of the tunnel, I struggle to get out of this, what I like to call it, funky mood. But let me let you into a little secret...your feelings are what control how the rest of the day will go, not necessarily your actions but your feelings. If you wake up negative only negative things will happen, your language changes, your relationship dynamic changes and you'll be generally unmotivated.

There's good news though! You can totally change how you're feeling before the doom and gloom version of you takes hold! Let me tell you a few of our tricks...


I always thought this was a "Dear Diary" type of practice but actually what journaling means to me is a few things;

Appreciation - Writing down what I'm most grateful for each day helps me appreciate all the little things in my life that I may take for granted.

Inspiration - I write down my goals each day, sometimes it's goals for the week or my 5-year goal, writing them down helps anchor them into the subconscious, helping you make decisions based on what will get you there quicker.

Road-mapping -  I write down everything I'm feeling or thinking (my brain can get rather cluttered sometimes). Seeing it written down helps me see all the things that are worrying me or inspiring me. I can then decipher what the truth is and what my brain has conjured up just to wind me up.

Reflection - I write down what's working for me in my life and what's not, what made my day good and what made it not so great. This helps me stop making the same mistakes day in day out.

Turn off your phone

Sounds easy right but actually the average person spends 3 hours 15 minutes on their phone each day. Seeing fake news, other people's problems and thinking about work when you're at home are all stress-inducing factors that will pull your mood down in seconds. Make a pact to turn your phone off at dinner time and not turn it back on until the morning.


That's right, sing your heart out! Singing has been shown to counteract feelings of anxiety and allow people to pause the negative thoughts that circle inside their minds. Singing brings a sense of joy and only positive things can happen when we are joyful. I apologise to your partners, housemates and children in advance.

Get outside & exercise

I know you're rolling your eyes at me right now, I see you over there. Here's the thing, we all know exercise improves mood and helps with mental health but for some strange reason we put our health on the backburner whenever life gets stressful (why do we do that?). Well, I have news for you...without your health, everything else will suffer, your work, your relationships, your mental health. So pledge from this day forth to move your body every day! That's it, not promise the world that you'll get up at 5am every day and do a Joe Wicks workout, but just move your body! Brisk walking, yoga, kitchen disco...its all better than doing nothing.


I know I know, cleaning made the list (you can thank Lauren and Carrie for that one). Cleaning is often meditative and doing a mundane job like hoovering can actually give your brain a little rest from all the inner chat. Some people find listening to music whilst they clean helps with the meditation or it most certainly will help you sing whilst you do it (please refer to the advantages of this above). Carrie loves 80 ballads or classical and I expect Lauren listens to Christmas songs all year round. What do you like to listen to?

Sit down and do nothing

That's right, I give you permission to just sit there and do absolutely nothing. Okay maybe you watch your favourite film under a cosy blanket or read a book, but the art of this is to allow yourself to just stop! You don't have to be everything to everyone all the time, its okay to put you first and just chill and recharge those batteries.


Last but not least, take some time out regularly for some self-care. Massage is not a luxury, getting your hair done is not a luxury, facials are not a luxury, they are a necessity, so is your health. If you're "too busy" then you're not putting your health first, you've put it on the back burner again. Remember how good things can't happen to those who put their health last? Make the time beautiful lady, I promise you, you'll feel so much better for it.

There's so much more I could write about but they're the main ones, that us girls at The Sanctuary, make time for. I hope it helps and if you only do one thing from this list this week then that's a huge achievement and you should be proud. We can guarantee that your mood will drastically improve and positive things will start to flow in your life (just remember to write down all the little things as well as the big things). Finally, mental health is complicated and we do appreciate that journaling and getting a massage is not the answer for all, so if you ever need someone to talk to we are always here! Private message us on Instagram or Facebook or email us and we will lend you an ear, there's no judgement here.

Take care all, we miss you xxx

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