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Time Saving Hair Ideas

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Time Saving Hair Ideas

With lockdown easing and many of us returning to work, we’re now having to think about putting more on than loungewear and a bit of moisturiser. Many of us have completely forgotten how to delegate enough time in the morning to wash our hair, let alone style it.

Let us give you some time-saving tips on how to create a stress-free good hair day…

No water needed!

Lacking time? Why not use dry shampoo? 

Dry shampoo absorbs oil whilst instantly giving hair a new lease of life, perfect for revitalising a ‘day 2’ style. It can also be used for adding texture and volume. Not all dry shampoos are made equal though, some leave your hair looking like you’ve fought with a bag of flour. We would recommend Eufora Fresh Effect, it's colourless and smells absolutely divine.

Change your parting

Sounds bizarre right? But changing the position of your parting can give your hair some oomph and natural volume without the use of tools. It also helps keep the hair healthy, wearing your parting in the same position over a long period of time can actually weigh it down and cause breakage. 

Give it ago, try a middle parting or even just swap it to the other side. Your hair will thank you for it, but remember to give it a couple of days for your hair to get used to its new parting before throwing in the towel.

Lazy girl styling

No need to style your whole head, only style the front or areas that need it. To give the hair a quick revamp, why not only curl the front or just add a few with a straightening iron? Tease the curls through with your fingers to blend in with the rest of your hair. Or just apply a good serum to the ends to tame frizz. See our tutorial on how to curl hair on Instagram.

Leave-in moisture

If your hair is feeling dry, frizzy or quite frankly just a bit Meh, we would recommend applying a leave in conditioner such as Olaplex No6 Bond Smoother to give it a new lease of life. Olaplex formulas work on broken bonds in the hair (which are caused by chemical, heat and mechanical damage) and repair them, restoring compromised hair to its former glory. 

Back comb like you're in the 80's

Gently back combing your hair at the roots can help create volume in an instant. Why not try back-combing a section of hair at the crown and then popping it up in a ponytail or adding a few curls to give an effortless wavy appearance.

Stress-free style

The messy ‘mum bun’ has been back in fashion for some time now and to be honest, thank god for that! But if you are wanting to look like you at least tried to make an effort, try a sleek, sophisticated ponytail instead. The great thing about a ‘sleek’ ponytail is that you really could get away with unwashed, slightly greasy hair...make it part of the look.

For shorter hair, you’ve probably heard us before but we love a braid. We have a great tutorial on how to create a braid in the front of your hair, find our video on Instagram. 


There are so many gorgeous headbands and headscarves out there, there’s a style to suit everybody - trust me. Adding an accessory is a quick and easy way to brighten up your look, it’s also a great way to cover greys, flatten down frizz and keep those long fringes out of your eyes. 

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