Therapist Guilt

Thursday, May 7, 2020

We’ve all heard of mummy guilt, but have you heard of therapist guilt? Neither had we before it actually happened. The guilt that forms when we can’t fit you in or the feeling of dread when you tell us you’ve gone elsewhere because you couldn’t get in to see the therapist you wanted. Erghhh it’s never ending. But hey, it’s because we care!

Carrie and Jessie often hear “we can’t get in with you anymore” or  “I had to go somewhere else for my brows because I couldn’t get in with you” (the latter usually results in wonky brows by the way). But, guys, did you know all our therapists are amazing at what they do and did you realise how experienced they actually are!?

Natti, apart from being absolutely amazing at lashes, is also trained in HD Brows just like Carrie. She’s highly trained in capturing that perfect shape to suit you. Her ability in gel manicures is also second to none. Her nails often last 4 weeks without one naughty peeler.

Jessie (our most senior therapist) may not be trained in HD brows but she has 13 years experience under her belt so can produce some smoking hot brows regardless. Apart from lashes, Jessie is trained in all things beauty including foot health, so if in doubt try and fit in with Jessie.

Shauna is our Junior hair stylist but shes also an absolute fire cracker in nail art, give her some notice and she can almost learn anything before your treatment. Did you also know that she’s a trained barber, more trained than our senior stylist for that matter.

Lauren and Shauna are both fabulous hair stylists. Just because you’ve had one for the last 10 years doesn’t mean you can’t pay the other a visit. Neither of them will be offended if you have to go to the other because you couldn’t fit in, promise.

Leonie's hands are like magic when it comes to massage and facials. I can hands down guarantee that there is no better facialist or masseuse in Worcestershire.

That said, none of us are offended if you have to see one of our other therapists, as long as you DO see one of OUR therapists. And hey look, if you prefer the other therapist, we’re fine with that too. We support each other in all that we do and are happy when one excels in their trade.

Always give us a call

Just because the online booking system says there is no space, it doesn’t always mean we cant squeeze you in. Where we can, we will always try and make time to see you. Give the salon a quick call, email or message us via social media if you haven’t got time to call. Just a little reminder though, please do not message our therapists privately, we love you all but we do like to switch off when not at work and some of our memories aren’t the best so its always best you message The Sanctuary directly.

We hope this has put your mind at rest! All our girls are flipping amazing and we strive to make all our clients happy, so please please please if you can’t fit in with your usual therapist/stylist, then go give another a go. What have you to lose?

Minus the wonderful Lauren and Leonie (do you know how hard it is to pin down all our girls for one photo!?)

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