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Dry, damaged hair? This is how Olaplex can help...

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Why we recommend using Olaplex

Have you visited us and wondered why our stylists ask if you would like Olaplex added to your colour treatment? What even is Olaplex? Why do I need it?

Here's why we offer it and why Olaplex is so important...

Olaplex strengthens, nourishes and rebuilds damaged hair caused by any chemical or thermal damage. We recommend all clients who are having a colour service make Olaplex part of their treatment as well as those needing a deep moisture hit in between appointments.

Also when you purchase a Olaplex no.2 treatment during your service, you receive a complimentary hand & arm massage - you can't get any better than that.

It all starts with number one

Olaplex no.1 is a bond multiplier it is added into your colour and strengthens the bonds in your hair as your colour processes.

Next comes number two

Olaplex no.2 is a treatment applied to the hair once colour is rinsed away,. It enhances the strength of your hair and repairs the broken bonds caused by chemical damage. You also receive a complimentary hand and arm massage when you purchase this treatment during your service.

Build up from ground zero

Olaplex no.0 is a bond building treatment to be used as a primer or pre-treatment before Olaplex no.3, together they are a match made in heaven.

Three is the magic number

Olaplex no.3 is their 'at home treatment' that can be taken with you to maintain the condition and strength that has been started by no.2, this treatment is advised to be used once a week.

The Shampoo

Olaplex no.4 is a deep moisturising shampoo which enhances shine and helps to keep the strengthening process in the hair going in between your hair appointments. It also helps to maintain any high quality colour such as reds and coppers.

The Conditioner

Olaplex no.5 protects and repairs damaged hair and split ends by reconstructing the broken bonds of the hair and putting them back together. It also helps to tame frizz, leaving the hair soft and smooth.

Smooth and frizz free for 72 hours!!

Olaplex no.6  is a bond smoothing styling cream, perfect to smooth and eliminate frizz for up to 72 hours! It's perfectly balanced ingredients help to speed up blow drying time and nourish the hair at the same time. Now who wouldn't want a quicker blow-dry with the same beautiful results?

Last but not least is...

The Bonding Oil

Olaplex no.7 is a ultra lightweight oil which softens and smooths the hair giving it an incredible shine, it also has a UV and heat protection function up to 450F.

All Olaplex products are perfect for any hair types! From fine, limp hair to thick or uncontrollable locks, Olaplex is the product for you!

Remember ladies keep those locks luscious!

Written by Lauren, Senior Stylist

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