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Hairdressing Terminology & Rebooking timetable

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Hair Terminology & Rebooking Timetable

The worlds starting to wake up again after its long lockdown slumber and now it’s time to start planning your hair appointments again. Come on guys, lets face it, you're not going to rock the natural look like you said you were are you? Let us help you decide your next steps, as we appreciate the hairdressing lingo can sometimes be rather confusing…

What types of colour services are there?


Balayage is a nice way of getting a sunkissed finish. The gradient colour starts from dark and lightens towards the ends, the contrast from dark to light is gradual and natural.  The lightening agent is painted on freehand which allows a more natural overall colour. Some clients may require a colour on the roots or in between the foils, this will be discussed at the time of your consultation. The more balayage you have the lighter you can go. You can also have any colour you desire, maybe try a bright red balayage?

When do I need to book back in? Balayage can be left longer between appointments as there is no visible re-growth, often meaning it is more cost-effective.

Foils - let us give you a breakdown...

This is how we describe highlights, lowlights and babylights due to the way it is applied onto foils. You can either have half head foils or a full head. You’d have a full head of foils if you were having your hair lightened for the first time or haven’t had it done in a while, half head foils are more of a maintenance service. See breakdown below.


Highlights are when the hair is lightened in sections using a weaving technique and foils. The weaving technique ensures the colour blends better and enables the highlights to be as thick or as thin as wanted. Soft, subtle tones can be achieved, whilst lightening the overall look of the hair and can often look better when growing out.

When do I need to book back in? We recommend having your hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks


Lowlights are a form of getting different tones in your hair without lightening your natural hair too much and damaging it. Also can be used to darken blonde hair which has lightened too much in the sun or bolder colours such as red and purple can also be used. Creates a nice multi-tonal natural look.

When do I need to book back in? You can go a little longer between appointments with lowlights, we recommend 6-9 weeks.


Babylights are a way of getting soft blonde tones from the root but not making the hair too light, resulting in a soft, subtle blonde finish without a strong regrowth.

When do I need to book back in? We recommend 6-9 weeks.

What else is there?
Full Head Colour/ Regrowth

Simple way to cover greys or any regrowth. This includes both semi and permanent colour. Helps to condition, add shine and leaves the hair with a glossy finish. A semi-permanent fades out rather than grows out, however, it is important to know that a semi won't ever completely leave the hair and some pigments will remain, such as red.

When do I need to book back in? We recommend getting your full head colour redone every 4-6 weeks.

Colour In-between

Some colour services require a semi permanent colour to be applied in-between the foils. It can be used to break up a block of blonde if you are wanting more of a multi-tonal look. They can also be used to blend out roots. If this is a service that is required, it will be discussed at the time of your appointment.

When do I need to book back in? This service would be repeated at each colour appointment if necessary.


Toning is a salon-strength product used in salon, usually used to reduce warmth (yellow tones) in lightened hair. It can also be used in balayage to give lightened areas a personalised finish, such as more of a caramel tone or even violet. We are more than happy to stick a toner on your hair for you halfway between your colour appointments to freshen up your look, this is actually something we would recommend.

When do I need to book back in? We recommend having your hair toned every 3-4 weeks, so book in now if you forgot to do so at your last appointment!

Treatment during your hair colour service

We apply a treatment to every client during their colour service as a complimentary gift, however if you are wanting something a little stronger we would recommend having an Olaplex treatment instead. Olaplex is a patented formula which repairs broken bonds, rejuvenates hair, increases tensile strength, improves elasticity and protects the hair follicle from further breakage. It quite literally is a wonder product! This is particularly something we would strongly advise for clients applying bleach to the hair.

Now, what can you do to keep your hair fresh at home you ask?

Well, let us introduce you to Sénus Fard. Fard is a colour conditioner, that will help maintain the tone of the hair at home if coming into the salon is not an option (although we would always recommend coming in just once for a super strength top-up). Fard comes in a range of colours for blonde tones and darker tones, it also helps prolong any vibrant colours, such as reds and purples. Due to strong conditioning agents, hair is left soft and shiny. Purchase in-salon for only £15

How often do I apply? Use once a week. Watch our video on how to apply correctly. Watch it here

Keep it conditioned

We recommend you purchase a home treatment from our wide range of products in order to keep your hair moisturised to prevent breakages. We stock a range of products from Olaplex, Eufora Sénsus and Moroccanoil, so there will 100% be a treatment suited to you. Your stylist will recommend whats best for you during your consultation.

Cutting at The Sanctuary

At the Sanctuary we offer the following cutting services which can be added to your colouring service (recommended). We advise you should cut your hair every 6-8 weeks to ensure the health of the hair is maintained;

Cut & Blow Dry - The hair is washed, cut, blow-dried and styled to your taste.

Restyle, Cut & Finish – when you want to alter your style or length.

Cut & Cleanse – if you don’t want to have it blow-dried and styled but just washed and cut. We will always dry the hair off after a colour service so your stylist can check for any imperfections, however with a cleanse & cut we just give it a quick blast off, leaving you with slightly damp hair.

Blast off – client usually chooses this option if they have recently had their hair cut and don’t feel they need it cut again. We would wash the colour off and as above, blast off so the hair is only slightly damp.

Dry cut - an express service, where your stylist will cut the hair without washing it (we are unable to provide this service during the pandemic)

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