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Foot Health At Home

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Foot Health At Home

Anyone else find, that like clockwork their feet go on strike from April onward? One day they’re fine and the next they are cracked to high heaven? Happens to us too! 

Many factors contribute to cracked heels, such as weight distribution, dryness, prolonged standing, and some medical conditions but the majority of us crack up due to neglect and improper footwear.

Any open shoe such as sandals and flip flops are the main culprit of cracked heels. We often use the comparison of walking on your hands all day, if you did they'd end up very sore indeed. Imagine having your hands in dust and water with the added pressure of your body weight on top, you can see now why the skin on your feet breaks under the pressure. 

Now don’t go throwing your sandals out quite yet, I mean yes they are one of the worst shoes for your feet (not including the dolly shoe) but with a little TLC you can avoid your heels cracking at all. We’ll show you how.

Keep feet clean

Not keeping your feet clean can actually cause cracks to worsen, so make sure you are washing them daily. Soaking for long periods of time can actually weaken the skin's structure, so we would recommend either a quick plunge in a bowl of lukewarm water or in the shower is fine too. Avoid using any harsh detergents when washing especially anything that may contain alcohol.

Exfoliating the skin

We would usually not recommend the use of a foot file as it is easy to build up friction by rubbing back and forth too vigorously, causing damage to the skin. However a gentle rub in one direction with a pumice stone just to remove any excess dry skin would benefit dry heels. Using a natural exfoliator such as coffee granules or sugar in oil would work just as well.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Prevention is so much better than the cure. Keeping the feet moisturised will help prevent dryness which in turn will prevent feet cracking. We always recommend Flexitol Heel Balm for those with extreme cracking as the high content of Urea (a formula which dissolves the intracellular matrix which helps the skin shed dead skin cells) can penetrate the thick callused skin better than many other creams on the market. We would suggest applying this once a day until you see improvement. Once the skin has improved, we would then recommend a cream with a lower percentage of urea or just a regular good foot cream which then you would apply daily. Be sure to read any enclosed medical information when using urea as it is not suitable for everyone.

See a professional

Finally when you are able, make sure to book an appointment with Jessie, our Foot Health Practitioner. Jessie is an experienced foot health specialist who can treat most foot complaints. Our Sanctuary MediPedi (previously the complete foot health), offers both luxury and a medical based service. You get all the benefits from a regular pedicure including a soak and massage with the added bonus of callus reduction, corn removal, and anything else Jessie feels you need at the time of the appointment. It is one of our most popular treatments and you will leave the salon feeling like you're walking on air.

The lovely Jessie has been attempting to keep me and my feet in shape for a few years! I love the complete foot treatment.. as Jessie can help solve such a range of problems and she gives very easy and sensible advice on how to look after your feet at home following on from the appointment. The amount of time and attention Jessie puts onto each treatment makes it very good value for money. The treatment I receive at The Sanctuary is always amazing and I recommend a visit to see any of the lovely ladies who work there.” Mrs P | verified review

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