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Black Friday... behind the scenes.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

“Black Friday this year, what discounts should we offer?” Jessie asked Carrie

“Lets do something different…” Carrie replied.

Our Black Friday deal this year was ‘you don’t ask, you don’t get'. The idea was that we would, within reason, grant any wish that our clients asked of us. Whether this be heavily discounted treatments, add-ons or even a specific drink they want when here.

What a brilliant idea we all thought! And as expected, it was a huge hit and we all ended up rather discombobulated by the end of the week!! It also didn’t help that the boss (the one who came up with the idea) decided to go on a Digital Semi-permanent (brow tattoo) course, right slap bang in the middle of Black Friday week (she actually booked this months prior but we still wont let her live it down).

It turns out, even if you give people an opportunity to be cheeky and ask for anything, they still apologise for doing so #typicallybritish.  As predicted, we had a lot of enquiries in asking for little to large discounts for things like Microblading, Cryo21 Fat Freezing and hair services. We also had some more imaginative requests…we’ve added a few below.

"Would you do a Crystal clear stay young facial in February half price?"

"½ price Crystal Clear facial?....DONE".

"Please can you chuck in a pedi with my next LVL appointment? #dontaskdontget.   If that’s too asky, please can you just post a video of you singing your favourite Xmas songs - acapello? Preferably dressed as elves".

"Haha, the video will be posted shortly!

 Joking...course we will chuck in a pedicure. All booked in for you. Let me know if you want to upgrade to a luxury or gels, we can just add that on as an extra, so the option is there too".


"Hey gals!
If you don't ask then you don't get! So I thought I'd ask!

 I've been interested in the cryo for a while but to be honest I've been a little apprehensive! That  and I've had to save up! Wondering if you had any fantastic deals to help with my extra baggage on my tummy and chin!"

"We understand it can be daunting, especially when it is a larger outlay.

 Good news, Cryo is amazing and the results are real! However it does still require more than one session (how many is dependent on a few personal factors).

 So how about this... a single treatment is £150, a course costs £500 for 5 (saving £250 already). Why don’t we say if you pay a £100 deposit (non-refundable) by Friday, we will knock our course of 5 down to £350, saving you £400! The deposit secures the course at this price and you can then pay for the rest (£250) when you book the course in".

"I had a lovely massage with Natalie today. She also did a good lash tint and brow wax/tint recently.

My offer is a 3 for the price of 2 for each, to be done in 3 visits, Jan/Feb/March"

"Happy to oblige 😊. But we will do one better….If you pay for a massage and your brow wax, we will do a lash and brow tint for free. How does that sound?"

Did you take part? If not, what would you have asked for? But look, if you're gutted you missed out, keep an eye out on our social media in the new year, there may just be an extra special competition happening.

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