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5 simple steps to perfect skin

Thursday, August 19, 2021

5 simple steps to perfect skin

There is so much conflicting advice out there on how to get perfect skin, so many “miracle” products and anti-wrinkle creams that will supposedly “erase” years off the face. It was only a few years ago that people with acne were told to avoid oils, now skin brands are recommending refining oils to help with overproduction of oil. Even us, as therapists, get a little confused with all the jargon. 

 It's not all doom and gloom though, let us tell you some easy steps to improve the overall texture and glow of the skin.

Water intake & diet

There is little to no evidence to suggest that drinking water helps with the hydration of your skin, however drinking water can certainly help with overall health of the body. If it is dehydration you are concerned about, I would suggest looking at your diet and lifestyle choices rather than intake of water. Alcohol and smoking can be the biggest culprit of dehydrated skin, as well as salt and sugar. Research shows that sugary food or food that spike blood sugar can also affect the production of collagen and particularly affect acne prone skin types. Foods such as dairy, that naturally contain hormones, have also been linked to acne. We suggest sticking to non processed foods especially fruit and veg.

Don’t touch!

One good thing that has come out of the Corona virus is better hand hygiene! Hands carry anything between 2 and 10 million bacteria, which we then transfer to our faces each time we touch it. Not great for people suffering with certain skin complaints.. 

Don’t pick! We are all guilty of this, whether it's popping a spot, picking at a blackhead or ingrown hair. Picking the skin can not only leave it inflamed but it can also cause localised infection and in some cases scarring. But come on let's face it, you're going to pop it anyway right!? In that case, make sure to do it right - Wash hands and face beforehand, only pop if it is literally ready to pop, if you're having to squeeze it rather than apply pressure either side then it's not ready! Wrap your fingers with tissue paper before touching the skin. Stop as soon as you see pink fluid appear, you don't want it to go as far as it starting to bleed. Apply a gentle antibacterial solution such as witch hazel or an acid toner and then leave well alone. Don't be afraid to then apply your facial oil or moisturiser as normal, this will help prevent the skin getting dry, angry and potentially scarring.

Relax and breathe

In some cases stress can cause havoc on the skin. Stress hormones can have an impact on several functions of the body, such as blood flow, immunity and the nervous system. Lack of blood flow to the skin can cause rashes and itchiness, low immunity can be a cause of autoimmune problems such as psoriasis and stress can also cause inflammatory conditions such as rosacea.  We suggest taking some time out for you! Whether that be partaking in activities such as yoga or mindfulness or treating yourself to a weekly manicure or massage with us at The Sanctuary. 

Skincare routine 

Here’s the truth….no-one has developed a miracle cream as of yet (apart from retinoids but we will come to that later)! Of course some creams are better than others but the secret is to get the right skincare for you and your skin type. This is where we come in! Our skin care specialists at The Sanctuary have over 20 years experience between them, enabling us to give you the best advice possible. We will advise on which products we think would be best suited to you, based on a thorough consultation and skin analysis.

Keep it simple! We often tell our clients that less is more. Cleaning or exfoliating too much can cause dryness and redness. So we suggest the following;

  • Use a good cleanser morning and night, cleansing twice at night time. Monu Cleansing Balm and Medik8 Cream Cleanse are our favourite. 
  • Exfoliate the gentler the better! We recommend acids, either a daily acid toner or a treatment acid. We suggest using Medik8 Pore Minimising Tonic or Monu AHA Day & Night Treatment. When exfoliating, be careful not to over exfoliate, over exfoliating can cause sensitivity, redness and dryness. For those who are dead set on an abrasive exfoliator, we suggest using the MONU Micro exfoliant. 
  • Get a good quality moisturiser and spf. This is when it is a good idea to come and speak to us about which moisturiser would suit your skin type best. One thing we will not budge on, is SPF being a must! SPF blocks harmful rays that cause premature ageing and pigmentation (and yes these rays are even there when we don’t have any sun). Our favourites are Medik8 White Balance Everyday Protect and their Overnight Repair.

That's it...as simple as that!! When you're comfortable with the above, you can then get a little more adventurous and add Retinoids (a must have for ageing skin) and a serum. Both of which we would strongly advise especially if your concern is ageing, these are the only products that will genuinely fight to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles!

Regular Facials

Facials aren’t just for relaxation. Regular facials can target issues such as dullness, redness, premature ageing, acne, rosacea and much more. They improve blood circulation and optimise cellular health. 

We offer a wide range of facials, targeting a whole host of skin complaints. For dullness and congested skin we suggest Microdermabrasion or the Resurface and Peel facial. For ageing concerns, we may suggest a Cryotherapy facial.  

Has this helped? Why not give the salon a call and ask for more information on what skincare would suit you, or better still, book in for our bespoke facial and receive a complimentary skin analysis with one of our specialists. Book here

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